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What is Joga? Joga is the discipline of yoga combined with the science and biomechanics of movement. The program was designed for the body of an athlete, the mind of an athlete, and the industry of sport. The core philosophy of the program is to create a sound structural foundation with a system and series of physical and mental techniques. The program has assessment tools built into the system that enable the practitioner to measure their success along the way. The athletic mind is competitive and results oriented by nature so Joga adheres to this process of learning with challenging benchmarks. Participants of Joga receive various physiological and psychological benefits such as injury prevention and rehabilitation, improved cardiovascular health, and tranquility. Joga was created by taking thousands of hours working with Athletes, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Doctors, and Strength and Conditioning Coaches. The system was worked and re-worked by utilizing and incorporating knowledge from these specialists resulting in a system that truly benefits an athlete and an athletic body in preparation and recovery for their sport. Find a Joga Instructor Become a Joga Instructor
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Changing Your Game The System Joga is a hybrid system of traditional yoga breath and relaxation techniques with biomechanics of sport movement. Each movement has an athletic benefit and/or injury prevention component and is queued in a manor that athletes inherently respond to as those queues are utilized in their current training. The specific bone queuing method unique to Joga enables each practitioner to work within their own range of motion. This particular approach leads each individual to respond within their own limitations based on their current flexibility, rather than through strength and force into postures. The Joga system emulates cadence of movements in sports and focuses on dynamic stretching. The goal is a balance of strength and flexibility rather than extreme flexibility as is still a misconception of some people on the main goal of yoga. PREHABILITATION IMPROVE PERFORMANCE REHABILITAION
For Athletes Joga is becoming the industry standard for yoga in sport, approaching the ancient discipline scientifically. By combining the knowledge of leading experts in athletic development with the benefits of yoga, Joga has created a system and education platform focused specifically on optimizing the performance potential of athletes. Athletes are under constant pressure to perform and excel. Competitive in nature, they are in a continuous search for the piece of the puzzle that is going to give them an edge on their competition. This relentless target adds to their consistent state of stress, so it becomes increasingly important to balance their parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system. Finding that imperative balance in yoga, the athletic world is beginning to blend with the yogic world. Joga trainers work with professional and amateur athletes, as well as the corporate, urban, youth, and parent athlete. The program is used as both injury prevention as well as rehabilitation for acute and chronic injuries. Each move is designed specifically to enhance an athlete’s performance by understanding the needs in sport. Agility Pliability Proprioception Range of Motion Power Velocity Speed Recovery Get Yourself a Joga Instructor
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Tougher than you think For Potential Joga Trainers Learn how you can make a career out of doing what you love. Regardless of your background in health, wellness, and fitness, Joga offers you the professional and practical skills needed to work with athletes and the world of sports. Joga is a piece of the puzzle and a tool in your tool belt to enhance your own skills, as well as provide you with the opportunity to leverage your career under reputable brand in the sports industry. Those who have mastered the mechanics of body movement, i.e. Kinesiology graduates, physiotherapists, massage therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, fitness trainers, fitness enthusiasts, yoga instructors, and athletes themselves are recognizing the importance of yoga in training and its pre-habilitation and rehabilitation benefits. We have been helping these people take their career to the next level and get ahead of the game. Upcoming Joga Teacher Trainings For list of upcoming Joga Teacher Training dates, please find us on social media! @Joga_world Joga World Or email for more information! Brought to you by
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For Fitness Facilities, Teams and Studios Yoga in sport is becoming increasingly popular. Now more than ever before athletes and teams are implementing yoga into their training protocols in-season and out of season. Rehabilitation and prehabilitation are taken extremely seriously as injuries resulting in time off the field is costly for both the individual and the team behind them. Yoga’s benefits are wildly studied and accepted in modern medicine causing coaches, trainers, and health professionals to look for the appropriate style, knowledge, and practitioner for their needs. Athletes and teams are hiring leading experts in their respective fields to look after their bodies, it is imperative to maintain those same high standards in a yoga teacher. Joga implements a rigorous training program ensuring all certified trainers have the understanding and knowledge to work with all levels and ages of athletes no matter their sport. The Joga system has been utilized in fitness facilities, studios, on the field and off the field, and in one-on-one training. It is not designed to replace or be the only training modality, it is tool to educate the human body, creating the structural foundation needed to reach its highest potential. Joga trainers are entrepreneurial, mobile, and available across Canada as well as in select states. Find a Joga instructor near you to work with your facility, clients, athletes or team or send one of your pre-existing trainers/coaches to a Joga Certification to round out their skill set. Get Your Facility a Joga Instructor
WAIT TILL YOU SEE OUR BALLS Additional Programming Coming! Who’s doing it Joga’s client base contains the “who’s who” in professional sports. The program has touched the training of athletes in all professional and amateur sport modalities including but not limited to hockey, skiing, running, CrossFit, soccer, volleyball, golf, football, tennis, basketball and lacrosse. An “A” list of players from the NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, NCAA, OHL, and CFL have tried and use the program. Since its inception, Joga has worked with an extensive list of professional teams. Its use as a training tool has been attributed to the Toronto Argonauts winning the CFL’s 2012 Grey Cup. Testimonials “Joga’s methods are designed to have the body last and maintain its strength. The endurance factor in the Joga workouts have created a new life in my body through a rigorous season.” - Adam Jones, Center Fielder, MLB “When I started doing Joga this summer, I noticed an immediate improvement on the way I felt physically. The work was very specific and tailored to my position and I’m very confident that it helped me on the ice when the season started.” - Devan Dubnyk, Goalitender, NHL "I was looking for something new and that made sense with how my players move. This is when I was introduced to Joga, a movement based program to help my players recover and maintain strength and mobility without sacrificing time. I felt it was an effective way of training." - Bill Burgos, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, NBA "The benefits of Joga are different and more productive than anything I’ve ever come across.” - Bradley Orr, Right Back, MLS “Yoga can be an integral part of the off-season training of any athlete. It is important, however, to find an instructor who understands the demands of your sport and the strength and conditioning program. Jana and the Joga staff have a done a great job of tailoring a program to meet the needs of my athletes and are willing and able to customize their sessions based on my feedback.” - Matt Nichol, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Creator of BioSteel Sports Supplements “Joga was nothing but beneficial for me. My flexibility, breathing techniques and core strength improved drastically over the length of the off-season. The breathing skills I learned from Joga I now use on a daily basis.” - Michael Del Zotto, Defenceman, NHL “I now understand the full capabilities of my body when being put through the right training regiment. I always thought that lifting weights and conditioning were all I needed to stay injury free and best prepared for playing football…man was I wrong. Joga is where it’s at” - Henry Burris, Quarterback, CFL To be successful on the field, you have to be both physically and mentally prepared! I believe Joga is the perfect blend of recovery, performance, and conditioning. I love Joga because it not only makes my body feel better, but it allows my mind to let go. - Chad Owens, Wide Receiver, CFL “As a professional athlete and Chiropractor, I am a significant supporter and advocate of Joga. Joga helped me increase my flexibility while simultaneously increasing my core strength, body positioning awareness and proprioception. It was an important part my training, which helped me qualify for the 2012 London Olympic Games.” - Dr. Josh Binstock, 2012 Canadian Olympian, Beach Volleyball “JOGA has been a vital part of the resurgence of the Toronto Argonaut Football Club since 2010. We found her program was much more effective than the traditional rundowns that have been done in football the day after games for years.” - Jim Barker General Manager of Toronto Argonauts “After first experiencing Joga in the fall of 2010, it has since become an integral component of my training regime. Whether you just enjoy staying in peak shape, or you’re training for professional sport, Joga should be a part of your weekly routine.” - Jay Pottinger, Linebacker, CFL Joga Sports Deck Athletes Professionals Ambassadors Joga With Jana - Founder of Joga Submit Your Own Testimonial
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