Movement has always been a huge part of my journey. As someone partial to the world of athletics, I value being coached because a coach helps you bring greater understanding and mastery to the task at hand. As a movement coach, I recognize that the mind and body are interrelated. However, what I often see in those I coach — as a result of our high paced, high-stress lifestyles — is mind-body disconnect. What I love about JOGA is that it brings the athlete/mover into a greater awareness of their mind and body in space through movements that are carefully guided to keep the body safe but physically and mentally challenged. In movement, it isn’t always enough to know ‘how’, but to know and feel ‘why’. JOGA answers the ‘how’ and ‘why’ through the use of fundamental concepts (like integrating breath and movement) to help us feel more connected to ourselves in motion.

I aspire to help others fine-tune their connections with their internal selves in their external movements and environments. We become better movers when our mind and our body are on the same page. For me, JOGA is the ultimate practice in bridging mind-body awareness.


“Working with Ashley has been phenomenal. I’ve never felt more confident, strong, and proud of myself. All of which made me feel better not only physically but emotionally. ”

Christy, PT Client


“Ashley makes a point of understanding me -- mentally and physically. This makes for challenging sessions that enhance my experience with myself in movement. She makes moving fun so I want to come back again and again.”

Melissa, PT Client