Sports has always been something I have been passionate about; from the time that I competed as a young athlete throughout my collegiate rugby career. Following my athletic career, I chose to pursue a Master’s of Science in Athletic Training at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I have worked as a certified Athletic Trainer for the past ten years in both the Military Setting and at the Olympic Level.

As an athletic trainer who specializes in Combat Sports at the Elite Amateur Level, specifically boxing and wrestling I turned to Joga as a way to enhance the recovery process for the athletes that I work with. For me, the benefits of JOGA and how it impacts the Combat Sports Athlete are incredible. I have used Joga in multiple facets, whether I am teaching it to my athletes, incorporating Joga into rehabilitations, or using Joga for injury prevention. I love helping the athletes I work with move more efficiently by increasing mobility, finding stability, and building strength.

I would love to work with you, my passion is helping people move better and feel better. You don’t need to be an Elite Athlete to do Joga but I would love to help you move like one.


“Dana's attention to detail and ability to focus on the individuals technique has been instrumental in my personal development. Firsthand, I have noticed a significant difference in balance, strength, and endurance. Joga has made me a more complete athlete by increasing my body awareness and recovery through specific breathing practice. Dana's background and knowledge in combative sports allows her to provide me the balanced experience needed to maximize my training. I am a huge believer in Joga and grateful for Dana's leadership and guidance through the journey.”

Peyton B. Walsh, Capt USMC, All Marine Wrestling Team


“Dana introduced me to Joga after going through an 8 month rehab for shoulder surgery. I still didn't have full range of motion or strength in the shoulder and had lost a lot of core strength. After just a couple of sessions my confidence in my shoulder and it's strength skyrocketed. I saw immediate results in mobility and core strength. Dana's patient introduction and consistency was a huge part of getting me back to playing professional rugby.”

Will Holder, USA Rugby