After nearly two decades as a personal trainer and maintaining an optimum fitness level myself, one would think yoga would be no sweat to me. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While I benefited from the breathwork and relaxation techniques in practice, I never found a class that met all of my needs. Going into yoga with a tight athletic body left me feeling sore in all the wrong places and, honestly, a little defeated. The athlete in me wanted to sweat. I wanted to feel like my body was truly challenged during the class.

Enter: Joga

At a conference in Arizona, I saw a class being held described as ‘yoga for athletes’ and thought “ok, this sounds like it’s on my wavelength.” I entered the class hopeful and it exceeded my expectations in every way. I was so enthralled by this class that I recorded the intro video Jana presented and sent it to the Vice President of my company. The science nerd in me got all excited to have found my yoga match. Soon after this meeting, I traveled to Los Angeles to begin my Joga coach certification.

I firmly believe in the importance of pushing our own physical and mental boundaries. I believe in breaking free from limiting thoughts. I believe that bettering ourselves, regardless of our comfort level, is always a good idea. Joga fits into my business as a trainer, bringing a modality of strength, mobility, and breathwork I never offered before. I’ve been able to train professional athletes in a unique way they benefit from on and off the court. Joga is often the perfect complement to my clients’ training sessions. It’s increased my value as a trainer, and my own personal fitness level as well.