Online Group JOGA Training with Melanie

CAD $20.00



Melanie’s JOGA Story

After being a young athlete, then a gym junkie + runner for many years, I felt like something was missing. I got into yoga and it just felt good to feel my own strength and connect to my body. Craving a deeper understanding of movement and how the body works I became a yoga instructor. Being a bit of an anatomy nerd and having 2 young athletes at home, seeing the intensity and injuries even at such young ages, I wanted to learn more sport specific applications to help them and other athletes gain strength and power but also have functional range of motion to reduce their risk of injury. I found JOGA and immediately felt the difference both mentally and physically. I fell in love with the concept of using stability, reciprocal inhibition + breath to generate mobility. JOGA has given me a greater understanding of the athletic tight body and what that body needs to produce efficient + effective movement patterns that translate directly into sport performance.

I am proud to be a part of the JOGA Coach team! My JOGA mission is to help athletes stay in the game and injury free, feeling powerful both mentally and physically! Earning them the edge they deserve so they can achieve their highest potential!