Online JOGA for Amateur Hockey Teams – with Carlie (No date/time)

CAD $190.00

This booking package is for 1 session with Carlie – please update the quantity if you wish to book multiple sessions at once.

Name Range Discount
Carlies Bulk Session Discounts 5 - 9 5 %
Carlies Bulk Session Discounts 10 - 999 10 %


Carlie’s Joga Story

I love JOGA because it fuels my fire for life. It has transformed my mind, body and soul to perform and shine to their highest potential. My mission is to spread this strength to the athletes around me and to open channels of opportunity to them that they never realized existed within. I chose JOGA because I am blessed with two young elite athletes in my home and wish to elevate them to the next level. #Ilivetolove #yourvibeisyourtribe