What do I bring to Joga Training?

Mat, comfortable workout clothes, pen/paper or laptop to take notes, food/snacks, water.

Am I certified after the 40hr Training

No. You must complete 30 practice hours and submit a video to JOGA HQ for critiquing and final certification. You will receive certification and welcome kit in the mail.

Can I teach Pro Athletes?

Pro athlete contracts are given to coaches directly from JOGA HQ. As long as we have your profile on file, and you are consistently coaching JOGA you will be considered.

What is training is not available in my city?

Right now, most of our training is online.

How long does it take to get certified?

That’s up to you, but in as little as one month.

After I am certified what is next?

You can either coach JOGA under our Authorized Coach Provider contract or apply to be on the JOGA Coach Academy.

Can I teach Pro Athletes?

JOGA HQ Pro Athletes’ contracts are filled through JOGA HQ and given to our JOGA Coach Academy members who have completed our JOGA PRO certification.

Are there additional JOGA Levels?

Yes you can view this page here JOGA PROCESS AND REQUIREMENTS PAGE

Are there additional fees after certification?

There is a yearly or monthly fee to use the JOGA Brand and coach JOGA through our Authorized Coach Provider Contract, or a revenue share through JOGA Coach Academy.

There is also a yearly recertification fee.


“When trying to establish a foundation of strength JOGA segments 1 and 2 are very good for teaching the athlete balance and body control. This helps to increase strength and explosive power down the line.”


NBA Detroit Pistons Head Strength and Conditioning Coach


“I was looking for something new and that made sense with how my players move. This is when I was introduced to JOGA, a movement based program to help my players recover and maintain strength and mobility without sacrificing time. I felt it was an effective way of training”


NBA Orlando Magic Head Strength and Conditioning Coach