As a young child I was always very athletic and loved sports but my main focus was Figure Skating. I became a competitive figure skater around the age or 10 and competed a Senior Nationals in 2005 & 2006. Our training varied so much from year to year but I always felt like there was something missing. I loved the gym but struggled to find the balance of mobility and stability. By the time I was 18 the injuries seemed to continue to pile on. I had chronic low back pain, hip pain and I tore my MCL and medial meniscus. After retiring from Skating I quickly switched sports and raced motocross for 5 years and now play ultimate frisbee. Even with rehab and rest the chronic pain in my Low Back and Hip seemed like it would never go away. I was diagnosed with a torn hip labrum and was advised to strengthen to help avoid surgery. Through all the strengthening my hip improved but the pain never fully went away.

Fast Forward to JOGA. I stumbled across JOGA online. I had heard of JOGA but didn’t know much about the program. As I began to do my research I instantly knew JOGA was for me. After the first 4 JOGA sessions I did I felt improvement in my body. Through JOGA I have completely eliminated the need to have hip surgery and I no longer have low back pain.

I have been a Certified Athletic Therapist since 2010. I have been working with Junior A hockey players since 2007 and I am currently the Head Athletic Therapist with the Pickering Panthers Jr A hockey Club. I also work with a variety of athletes including rugby players, football players, runners, dancers, cheerleaders, wrestlers and more. After seeing the changes I quickly made in my own body, I knew JOGA would help take all my athletes to the next level by increasing the mind body connection, learning how to move with breath and building mobility with stability to help decrease injury and calm the mind.


“When Amanda invited me to do my first Joga session I had low expectations. I wasn’t experienced in any Yoga related programs before, but I have a lot of trust and respect for Amanda, so I gave it a try. I quickly noticed exceptional improvements with specific muscles. When it came to working out I found lifting a lot easier and I was able to increase my performance significantly compared to last year. I’ve also noticed my recovery time is a lot quicker from practicing breathing during Joga. I am so grateful to be involved in such an exceptional program and I can’t wait to use these techniques next year during my upcoming hockey season.”

Dan Ebrahim, Jr A Hockey Player