I spent the majority of my youth, a one track athlete. My training consisted of swimming twice a day, and the occasional dry land. I was not well rounded, I burned out. I spent the following years searching for something to connect to… I did every type of yoga I could find, I ran, I played a list of “good time” sports; I was fit, healthy, and strong.

Cue the low back injuries, joint pains, strains, and aches. I was doing everything- and none of it properly.

In 2011, my boyfriend and I moved to Toronto, all the physical ailments came along. Then I met this powerhouse named Jana Webb, who created this thing called JOGA. I tried it, I was hooked. Even with no knowledge or in depth understanding of the program, my body could tell me, “yes, this is it, this is what we can do.”

Over time, I kept my practice. Over time, I was able to come back to things I loved- like tennis and running.

We then left Toronto, got married, moved, moved again, had some babies, moved some more. But I kept my solo practice for those 9 years. I now play tennis every week, I skin mountains, I ski, I golf, I hike with children strapped to my back. I do everything- and I do all of it, properly.

Because of this program, I am connected- mind and body working together. Mind and body united in strength.

My passion for JOGA runs deep- because it has changed MY life.

My mission is to bring this freedom, this connectivity of mind and body, and this force of athleticism to all levels and abilities. My drive is to change lives, the way mine has changed.


“After my first 30 minute private session, my life dramatically changed for the better. Erin is able to tailor this program for me as I work through my second postpartum bounce back. No pain, calm mind. I move differently now, my strength has come back in such a different way."”

Aimee Love (second time Mom, balancing career and motherhood)


“JOGA is so challenging, really takes the ego down a couple of notches. It is never easy, always hard. I love it.”

John-Michael Liles, former NHLer (loving husband)


“Joga is the perfect compliment to my other sports. Not only is it an excellent active recovery, but adds strength and balance components as well.”

Sunny (Ski Patroller, Bad Ass Mom)