Why I Chose JOGA

My JOGA Story

Growing up I played nearly every sport offered which ignited my love and passion for the way the human body moves and transforms. I studied Exercise Science in both undergrad and graduate school, but was never really given the tools for recovery and regeneration.

After an autoimmune setback in 2018 I was forced to redefine the way in which I moved my body. Unable to strength train, run or go on long hikes with my dog – I turned to yoga and Pilates. It was frustrating and short-lived but during my first JOGA session, I knew this practice was created for (people like) me! JOGA connected the biomechanics of sport to the regeneration benefits of yoga. It challenged me in more ways than I imagined, but allowed me to listen to my body so that I stayed safe. Overtime I felt stronger, more mobile and a much deeper connection to my ‘new body.’ I’ve since been able to get back to all my movement passions and take them all to the next level!

As an “Exercise Scientist” I am constantly educating clients and athletes WHY we do WHAT we do. JOGA not only does that for the specific movements, but also relating it back to sport you practice. Having a deeper understanding of how your brain and body connects is key when athletes are moving without thought on the courts, course or field.

JOGA brings together so many crucial components of movement and breathing techniques that I wish I had as a younger athlete. My mission is to spread this practice to as many athletes as I can! I want to help reduce their risk of injury and better understand their bodies so they can be stronger, more mobile and play for longer!


“This practice not only pushes my limits, but it is very technical. Jennie has an ability to talk to me about my body in a way I've never looked at it before, from the different muscle structures to breathing points. She takes the time to fully explain every move to get me to understand the hows and the whys of what we're doing. The wildest thing to me is that there are moves that absolutely push me to the brink where I think there's no way I can go on, but after all the stretching and relaxation exercises at the end, I feel as though I could go run a marathon - or take a nap (it's seriously that relaxing). All in all, I'm grateful to have had this practice come into my life, especially with such a great instructor!”

Danielle Brooks (Runner, Active Mom, Sports Enthusiast)


“Joga has been an amazing experience. I was a collegiate defensive lineman and trained for many years in a way that created tight hips and thoracic spine. Doing Joga has taught me new ways to address my lack of mobility and I am already feeling improvements. I love working with Jennie!”

Jad’a Littlejohn (Personal Trainer, Former Collegiate Football Defensive Lineman)


“Jennie teaches me how to control my breathing and how to stretch without hurting my body. Overall Joga is very good for you and it can be fun and challenging at the same time. I think more people should try it, plus Jennie is really fun to work with.”

Melanie Brooks (Hockey, Cross Country, Lacrosse)