Working with athletes since 2009, I have always been an advocate for recovery and looking after your body. I grew up playing competitive Ringette where I suffered an ACL injury, resulting in months of physiotherapy. This my interest in sports rehabilitation from a young age.

I found JOGA a few years ago when my brother had a session with Jana at a goalie camp and since then it has always been on my mind. I love that JOGA works within the athlete’s range of motion to prevent injury and provide amazing benefits to help improve overall performance.

A few short years later I am now finishing up my Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice at the CCO and working as a Registered Massage Therapist. I have been working with Hockey teams since 2009 as a trainer and later a Registered Massage Therapist.

JOGA is now a program I incorporate in my treatment as a way to help prevent injury and aid in the recovery process during a busy season. I love being able to teach athletes how to better take care of their mind and body so that they don’t have to sit on the sidelines!


“I was first introduced to Joga several years ago at a goalie camp I attended and really enjoyed how each session was difficult and pushed you to your limits. Fast forward to now where I was reintroduced by Jo and the joga sessions still continue to push me to my limits. Johanna does a very good job at explaining the movements so it is easy to follow and she is smart enough to notice when I may be struggling with a movement and modifies it so I don’t create bad habits and can continue with the program.”

Hayden Padalino


“I was first introduced to Joga with my good friend Jo, I had pretty much no experience with any style of joga/yoga when I began doing virtual sessions with her. After the first session, I fell in love with it! It was such a challenging workout and Jo was able to explain and demonstrate all the exercises well so that I understood every move. She also made sure to modify any exercises that I was not able to do and made sure I felt challenged enough as the sessions went on. If you’re looking for an amazing Joga instructor and class that will help you feel like an athlete then look no further. Jo is amazing and I would highly recommend her as a Joga instructor!”

Lisa Glazier


“Johanna worked with my Waterloo U16 AAA Hockey Team this past season. We did weekly JOGA sessions with her. My players found these sessions very beneficial for their flexibility, balance and strength. Johanna was great with the players and our guys thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. This is now something I will be adding to my program for my players in upcoming years.”

Shawn Dietrich, Head Coach – Waterloo U16 AAA Hockey Team