Since a young age I have been intrigued by how the body works together and how that played out in physical activity and sports. I started my career in physiotherapy and occupational therapy and have added many courses to expand my tool box to help those I work with.

That’s when I had found about JOGA. What made me fall in love with this program was how every movement has a purpose and the connection between the breathe and the movement. I have added this program in with my clients for prevention, rehabilitation, recovery day work, as well as warm ups to their other programs.

I’ve seen what it has done not just for myself but for those I work with as well, finding that strength, understanding and control as well as that edge that has come from this program.


“JOGA was exactly what I need. It helped me become stronger in my lifts at the gym. Helping to balance out my imbalances. The cues that were given helped me understand what was happening. Not only that but the breathe work at the start and at the end has helped me be focused and calm throughout my job.”