I have been a competitive athlete my entire life, and I remember as a child, dreaming of how I would create my perfect job, which would encompass my love of sport and my passion for helping others.  Swimming, field hockey, equestrian were my sports that I pursued into college, and then after graduating continuing in my love of Dressage, and then becoming a professional cross country mountain bike racer and Cat 1 road cyclist. I was always interested in how the human body worked and using functional body movements to make me a better athlete.  If my swim coach said I needed to get stronger, my dad had me carry two water buckets at the barn at a time.  Cross-training was and is key to a stronger body and mind.  I graduated with a degree in Kinesiology and started my own Personal training business a few years after that and I have always sought out the top people in the field to study under and pursue my education.  I was hooked on JOGA during my first JOGA session, and getting certified has changed everything for me, my clients and my business.  I am also a 200 RYT and have practiced yoga for many years.  In spite of my knowledge,  I was always having an issue, and I attribute it to several things, being competitive, being in a hot room and pushing my tight muscles too far because I loved the sweat, loved the exertions, and yet I tolerated the pains and injuries because I loved the mindfulness behind yoga.  With JOGA, I was forced to slow down, to be present and concentrate on the movements, this program brings it all together; physically, creating mobility around stability, developing better proprioception, mentally, staying present and calm in demanding situations, recovering faster because of the awareness of the breath, the brain, the body.  And fast forward to now as a recreational athlete, my awareness in both the saddle of horses and cycling, I am a far better and confident athlete than I ever have been.


“Michele's energy and passion for her client's health and wellness is contagious and up lifting. Her knowledge of fitness and nutrition is unparalleled, and as a professional equestrian athlete, these are the components to my success. My training and overall health has been revolutionized since teaming up with Michele, and there's no one I trust and respect more to keep me performing at my best. ”

Alexis Cwik, Professional Dressage Trainer


“I have loved my virtual sessions with Michele. She watches everything I do and offers amazing coaching to ensure you’re doing all the movements safely and correctly. Contact her to find out more. She has helped me ride better and gain strength in my core.”



“I started working with Michele in the spring of 2020, right in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdowns. It was really a perfect match from the beginning, with both Michele and the practice of JOGA. All who know Michele will agree that she is a ray of sunshine! She is understanding, kind, and compassionate to no end, and on top of that, she is an extremely skilled teacher with a deep knowledge of her trade. As a social worker in training, amateur 400 meter sprinter, and equestrian, I have benefitted both mentally and physically from Michele’s individualized instruction. Overuse injuries have limited me athletically for the past 4 years, but with the help of Michele and JOGA, I have dramatically increased my body’s ability to train hard, and more importantly, injury free. One of the things that I appreciate about working with Michele is that she explains the science and reasoning behind each part of the JOGA practice. Our work together has led me to believe strongly in the power of JOGA to help athletes. Athletes will find that JOGA benefits their athletic performance because of its attention to balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, building strength and stability, and protecting the joints and muscles that tend to be overstressed by traditional yoga. I was never able to do traditional yoga, but I find JOGA to be attainable for my body, while also being challenging and invigorating! Our JOGA practice has been invaluable to me in terms of recovering from injury, preventing injury, and bolstering athletic performance. Through my recovery from my injury and into my training regimen, Michele has paid attention to the unique way that my body responds to each JOGA position. She gives me helpful corrective cues that allow me to correct my body’s imbalances and areas of tightness. Even though I am no longer part of a collegiate athletic program, and don’t have access to a gym because of COVID-19, I have been seeing personal bests and record mileage, and I feel stronger and healthier. I attribute all of these accomplishments to my JOGA practice with Michele. I cannot recommend JOGA with Michele highly enough for athletes of all disciplines. It has been a game-changer in my athletic career, and in my life. I am excited for Michele to share her gifts with the world so that she can help others as she has helped me!”

Lucy Lang, member of Greater Boston Track Club


“The personal one on one treatment works amazingly well. Michele customized your nutrition and exercise programs so they fit into your life which for me is amazing because that way I actually stick with them and do them. Please feel free to pm me for a personal reference because I could go in forever about how great this program is.”

Terry Long, top Amateur Dressage Rider and International KWPN Breeder