I discovered JOGA through a fellow curler in Toronto who was offering online JOGA classes. After one class, I could feel the difference in my body and in my performance on the ice. As a strength coach, JOGA adds a unique dimension to what I can offer both athletes and weekend warriors – body awareness, options for active recovery and sequences that continue to challenge.

I decided to become a coach because there weren’t any local JOGA coaches here in Colorado at the time, and I knew I needed more of this practice in my training. I incorporate JOGA into every strength and conditioning program I design, and recommend it for anyone who wants to move more efficiently.


“I’ve seen a noticeable increase in my hip, knee, and ankle mobility, which has significantly reduced knee pain I had been feeling during tennis and curling sessions. I feel much more stable in my curling delivery now, too - those little stabilizing muscles are much more engaged than before.”

Sean, competitive curler and tennis player