Feb 12-15, 2024
Love Story Yoga – Marin, California

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What You Need For Training

How To Prepare? 

Why Be A JOGA Coach? 

Being a JOGA Coach means you are part of an elite band that is well respected within the professional sports industry. Your certification will allow you to coach athletes confidently with expertise. In less than a month you can be making money coaching JOGA virtually from your home and we offer you the business support to help you succeed.

Who Is This For?

Physiotherapists/Kinesiologists/Athletic Therapists: JOGA is a modality that compliments physiotherapists, kinesiologists and athletic therapy philosophies. JOGA movements can be incorporated into clients existing rehab/prehab routines in order to better serve them.

RMTS: JOGA provides RMT’s with an opportunity to offer their clients an active recovery. JOGA clients often look for an active recovery and massage combo.

Fitness Professionals: JOGA can act as another lucrative revenue stream.JOGA adds active recovery to your clients’ fitness regimes, sports teams to your roster of clients you work with and opportunities to grow your brand. JOGA offers the opportunity for you to expand your network of clients.

Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Personal Trainers: The JOGA program is a great tool for your existing tool belt. It enables you to incorporate an active recovery modality into your existing training protocols. JOGA movement improves range of motion which is imperative for injury prevention. This is a movement system that enables your clients to move with better form and physical awareness that results in more gains in the gym.

Yoga and Pilates Instructors: The JOGA program focuses on a balance of mobility and stability and how to work with the tighter athletic body and mind, You will learn how to incorporate this modality to existing periodization periods.

JOGA Level 1A Certification is led by JOGA creator Jana Webb

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JOGA World is the company I continue to rely on in our travels across the country. Their virtual coaching presence is unmatched. Altogether, they provide consistent sport-specific routines and offer expertise that fits well into any well-balanced strength and conditioning program

Javier Gillet

Director of Athletic Performance, Minnesota timberwolves


“My name is Tyler Russell. I play hockey for the Los Angeles Jr Kings. I have been practicing JOGA for over 2 years. JOGA has helped me get stronger, especially with the strength in my legs. I really enjoy doing all of the JOGA exercises along with the salutation and the stretches. I consider JOGA a secret weapon because my body is in pain during the workout but I know that the pain is what will make me stronger. My JOGA coach, Carlie Chiovetti, is awesome. She is great at teaching all of the exercises and really cares that we are making improvements every week to help me be a stronger athlete.”

Tyler Russel

Los Angeles Jr Kings


“What benefited me the most is the way we worked on my posture. In addition to that, my hips and hamstrings were always tight in the past. Now they, never get tight and I feel very fluid.”


Linebacker, Cincinnati Bengals, NFL


“To be successful on the field, you have to be both physically and mentally prepared! I believe JOGA is the perfect blend of recovery, performance, and conditioning. I love JOGA because it not only makes my body feel better, but it allows my mind to let go.”


Wide Receiver and Kick Returner, Toronto Argonauts, CFL


“I was looking for something new and that made sense with how my players move. This is when I was introduced to JOGA, a movement based program to help my players recover and maintain strength and mobility without sacrificing time. I felt it was an effective way of training”


NBA Orlando Magic Head Strength and Conditioning Coach


“When trying to establish a foundation of strength JOGA segments 1 and 2 are very good for teaching the athlete balance and body control. This helps to increase strength and explosive power down the line.”


NBA Detroit Pistons Head Strength and Conditioning Coach


“JOGA is different than a traditional yoga class as it takes into consideration how athletes move, train and digest information. It’s program based and encompasses all of the physical properties needed to support elite performance.”


NBA New York Knicks Director Of Sports Performance


“When I started with Jana this past summer I noticed an immediate improvement in the way I felt physically. She paid close attention to the way my body was built and my strengths and weaknesses, allowing me to work on and improve strength and mobility that would immediately help me as an athlete. The work was very specific and tailored to my position. I’m very confident that it helped me on the ice when the season started. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.”


Goaltender, Minnesota Wild, NHL


“JOGA can be an integral part of the off-season training of any athlete. It is important, however, to find an instructor who understands the demands of your sport and the strength and conditioning program. Jana and the JOGA staff have a done a great job of tailoring a program to meet the needs of my athletes and are willing and able to customize their sessions based on my feedback.”


Strength and Conditioning Coach, Creator of BioSteel Sports Supplements