In Person Group JOGA Training with Caleigh (No Date/Time)

USD $20.00


Caleigh’s Story

Originally from Charlottetown, PEI where I was introduced to sport and movement at a young age, with my mother working in the Athletic Department at UPEI. I developed a love for basketball and volleyball and competed in artistic swimming at provincial and national levels.

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of New Brunswick I moved to Halifax, NS to complete my Massage Therapy Diploma. With 5 years of working as a Registered Massage therapist with a special interest in sports performance and rehab I knew I needed another tool if I wanted to be successful and offer something more for my athletes.

That’s when I found JOGA! I was so intrigued at the work and science behind the program I knew it was exactly what I needed and what my athletes needed to get to the next level and earn their edge. It has allowed me to work with my athletes not only to perform physically but also mentally and that is why I love JOGA.

I believe you have to be passionate about what you do and genuinely want to help others to help reach their potential. With the tools, JOGA has given me I am confident that I can help athletes reach their potential and change their game!