In-person Private Joga Training with Melissa

CAD $200.00

  • Joga with Melissa on Saturdays at 10:00am (New York/Toronto)

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Melissa’s Joga Story

My passion for Joga comes from my own past athletic experiences. I was a competitive figure skater & soccer player, and also played field hockey and was a sprinter in track in high school. I suffered numerous injuries, and I never was really doing anything training wise for my mobility/stability. I wasn’t doing anything for myself mentally as well, and when faced with a lot of injuries, confidence is hugely affected by this, and can take a big mental toll.  I wish I had Joga when I was in my prime as an athlete, as it would have helped me both physically & mentally be a better athlete overall. I have never been flexible (even as a figure skater), and the Joga program doesn’t care if you can touch your toes or get into bendy positions-and that’s what I love about it.

I continued my love for athletics and obtained my degree in Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences in Exercise Science & Health Promotion, becoming a Registered Kinesiologist, and also a NCCP Figure Skating Coach.  And then I became a Joga Coach!  I continue to stay active through a variety of sports/activities, and adding Joga into the mix has helped me continue to be a stronger, well rounded athlete.

My goals for the athletes that I coach is to provide them with a space to recover both mentally and physically, and provide them with a program that is built for their athletic bodies, that will enhance their performance. I want to help athletes achieve their athletic goals, both mentally & physically, and both in and out of their sport.  Being a Joga coach I am able to work with athletes “behind the scenes”, and watch them improve, grow, succeed, and conquer.