Joga with Bridgette

CAD $20.00

  • Mondays at 10:30pm (New York/Toronto)
    Firestarter with Bridgette

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Bridgette’s Joga Story

As an athlete myself (hockey, volleyball, basketball, softball) I have always wanted to find ways to better my performance − It was suggested over 10 years ago I try yoga − I attended a class and it was difficult. I found I was impatient with my body, my mind, my teacher, YOGA in general, I couldn’t do half of the poses they wanted me to do because my body was so tight. As an athlete I’ve always been a go hard and fast physical person. Never slow and paying attention to my quality of movement. It was all about building muscle and force more into that hour workout, thinking that would help me. I then took a Yoga for Athletes training because although the previous yoga trainings and classes were a rip into my ego, I craved the movement and connection of “yoga” physically and mentally. My muscles craving the stretching but most importantly my “soul” being awakened to the feelings of calmness, relaxation and connection to myself − Yoga came into my life so I could connect. JOGA came into my life so I could finally relate.