Joga with Britt

USD $15.00

  • Saturdays at 2:00 pm (New York/Toronto)

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Britt’s Joga Story

Having been a dancer for most of my life and still working as a professional dancer, I was keenly aware of how a tight athletic body could be challenged continuously when flexibility is essential to their sport or craft. Working hard to improve my flexibility was a constant necessity and struggle. Tightness resulted in joint stiffness and in turn created muscle control imbalances and compensatory patterns sometimes resulting in injury. I turned to Yoga for help. But it wasn’t enough… When I discovered JOGA, it all made sense.

Why It Works

This science-based program is designed systematically and with intention. Its layout meticulously addresses the importance on stability and flexibility under tension all the while promoting symmetry within your body’s own functional range. Functional for an athlete, functional for everyday life. The “why” behind every move, the importance of breath with movement and its influence on the Autonomic Nervous System solidified my belief in Joga’s benefit. I felt better and stronger after a session, and now I knew why.

Its Value

JOGA’s adaptability makes it that much more valuable. Its various components fit nicely into an athlete’s training regime – in/off-season training; before, during and after competition. Modifications built into the program make it suitable for all bodies. As a Fitness Instructor, I was keenly aware that this was much needed in anyone’s fitness regime. Having experienced the physical and emotional strain that accompanies an injury, I now understood the importance of breathing and relaxation exercises in injury prevention and recovery. It is not stressed enough in fitness programming.

I love being witness to when an athlete has that “aha” moment – the moment where they have made that connection between mind and body to finally find their balance in motion, strength and stability. I admit that I get a little excited when I see a newcomer to the program struggle with some poses and when they reveal how challenging it was for them after the session. I reassure them that I can help them and that they will improve with our system – that’s how much confidence I have in its benefits.

JOGA provides the necessary tool that allows an athlete to learn more about themselves physically and mentally, thus empowering themselves to achieve greater wellness and connection of mind and body either in the sporting world or in daily life. I truly enjoy being a catalyst in their journey of personal growth.