Online Amateur Team JOGA Training with Rena

CAD $200.00

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Rena’s Joga Story

I wear lots of hats: doctor of physical therapy/physiotherapy, strength & conditioning coach, weightlifting coach, weightlifting athlete.

As a physio and coach, I love the JOGA system for my athletes. Many of them think they need to be more flexible and try to achieve that with random mobility programs and yoga classes. Joga has been designed with the athlete in mind and gives them the whys and hows to achieve the mobility, balance, and control they’re looking for. It has been so complimentary to my athletes’ programs, and they love seeing the results!

As a competitive weightlifter, I use JOGA as my own active recovery and as a workout when I need something low impact but still challenging. I feel more controlled in my movement and have more body awareness and control under heavyweight. When the slightest shift forward or backward can make or break a lift, this becomes so important!

I will always recommend Joga to anyone who moves and wants an activity that is high-intensity, low-impact, and improves performance on and off the field.