Online Group Joga Training with Stephanie

CAD $20.00

  • Tuesdays at 12pm (New York/Toronto)
  • Wednesdays at 9am (New York/Toronto)
  • Wednesdays at 4pm (New York/Toronto)
  • Thursdays at 12pm (New York/Toronto)
  • Saturday at 9am (New York/Toronto)
  • Saturday at 2pm (New York/Toronto)
  • Sunday at 9am (New York/Toronto)
  • Sunday at 2pm (New York/Toronto)

NOTE: Times above are listed in New York/Toronto timezone.

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Stephanie’s Joga Story

As a sports chiropractor, I am always looking for ways to help athletes compete at their highest level. After my first JOGA session, I knew two things: this program was unlike anything I have ever done and I needed to learn this to introduce to my athletes. As former college tennis and lacrosse player I wish my teams would have been introduced to JOGA because we would have benefited significantly.

Athletes often develop muscular imbalances by favoring one side compared to the other. I learned this first hand during my athletic career suffering from chronic hip flexor issues. JOGA is a program designed to bring balance to the body by fixing those muscular imbalances and ultimately decreasing injuries. Injuries not only affect an athlete physically but also mentally. JOGA helps athletes with mindfulness and mental strength. Athletes are all unique and JOGA is a program that is tailored to the individual’s physical capabilities but also where they are at in their sports season.

The major reason I was drawn to be a JOGA coach was because of the science behind the program. There is proven evidence behind each component of the program. Every movement in the system is there for a distinct reason and athletes are told throughout each session the “why’s” behind what they are doing. It is because of those reasons the top athletes in the world are doing this program. My goal as a JOGA coach is to help athletes of all levels reach their full potential in both sport and life.