Marcus Minichiello

The program has helped me both physically and mentally. My mobility and balance are day and night compared to when I first started Joga. The focus that comes with Joga has allowed me to improve my mental game both consciously and subconsciously. This translates to my game as well, both on the floor and in the gym when training.

I enjoy the constant learning and improvement, there’s so much to be done within Joga that there is no real ceiling, I’m always improving and getting better.

 It’s incredible when you start to play your sport again and realize you have that extra inch or two whether it be reaching for a ball or extended to make a hit, anything at all. Joga also teaches you how to use your breath to calm down and recover faster only making you better. I can see the difference in athleticism when I compare myself to other athletes in my sport or who I train with solely because of Joga.  

My Joga coach is Dr.Jo. I love that she always holds me accountable and even if she’s had 10 sessions during the day and seen 10 clients she still shows up as her genuine self and puts the work in so I can put my work in. She has learned a ton about lacrosse on her own account to simply better our sessions and better tend to what I need most. She also brings an incredibly mental game to it, making me sit in holds and clear my mind of any pain to keep going. she’s awesome!