Phil Desmarais, Cyclist

Joga was like a blast of fresh air, a no-nonsense approach to strength, breath and flexibility without the mystic underpinnings of Yoga. Not that there is anything wrong with that but coming to the studio to improve my breathing on the bike, Joga seemed to be a better fit.

The strength benefits of a regular practice are evident, but the real payoff is the ability to focus on the calming rhythm of the breath while everything is on fire.  I’ve noticed that my recovery time between activities has decreased, and I know all too well that the extent and duration of injuries is lessened due to the increased flexibility that comes with regular practice.

Lisa is an incredible teacher, interesting and thoughtful.  She infuses her classes with energy, humour, and a genuine interest in the development of her students\athletes. She has an uncanny ability to tailor a class to meet the needs of individual students while delivering a challenging workout for the whole class. Don’t be fooled by her pleasant demeanor; she watches her students like a hawk, and her verbal cues are eerily precise.

Very Highly Recommended, 110%